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Peter Christensen
Health Center

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not an actual building, house, or hospital. It is a team approach to healthcare that incorporates patients’ primary care provider, specialists, patient and patients’ support people.

The clinic has a Patient Centered Medical Home Care Coordinator who is a registered nurse dedicated to work together with a patient's primary care provider, their care team, and the patient, to assist with ongoing guidance, education and support.


This voluntary service provides access to the coordinator who will regularly: 

  • Serve as a point of contact and help navigate the health care system by referrals to specialists, coordinating appointments, testing and follow ups
  • Be an informational resource to help the patient understand diagnoses, treatments and test results
  • Review medications to help the patient understand them and why they've been directed to take them
  • Facilitate access to resources in the Medical Home and in the community
  • Assist with access to health care equipment and supplies
  • Help to set and achieve goals to improve health
  • Coach and support the patient to take an active role in their healthcare
  • Promote independence in medical decision making